• We cancelled the football scramble and incorporated that into the Halloween Scramble.  It will be a 4 person scramble with an extra ball rotating through the group on each hole.  Each group will have a scramble score and the special ball score.  Each hole one player will play the scramble ball and the special ball, the next hole the special ball will rotate to the next player.  You will have a score for both balls and there will be prizes for both.  If you lose the special ball ,your team will be out of that part of the game.

Big Cup Scramble Results:



1stplace 1stflight:   55 Team Zientara $68


2ndplace 1stflight:  56  Team Trabbic $37




1stplace 2ndflight:   61 Team Barenie $59


2ndplace 2ndflight:   62 Team Falloon $32




1stplace 3rdflight:   65 Team Abraham $59


2ndplace 3rdflight:   65 Team Chris Johnson $32




1stplace 4thflight:   67 Team Skertich $59


2ndplace 4thflight:   68 Team Edwards $32




1stplace 5thflight:   70  Team Oppenhuis $59


2ndplace 5thflight:  70 Team Gaines $32




1stplace 6thflight: Team Dina $30


Ties broken by scorecard playoff using USGA method, pay outs in the form of Gift Cards



Big Cup Scramble Skins: 4 skins $165 each


Hole 12:   3  Trabbic , Hole 9:   2  Zientara, Hole 16:   2 Ruvoli, Hole 17:  3   Abraham


Thank you all for playing it was a great event 34 groups played.



There was a problem with the event sign up forms on the website and it has been corrected.  So feel free to sign up online for events or call the proshop.

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Still time to get a team in the Big Cup Scramble, but time is running out.  20 teams in now, but will we limit to 3o teams, so get your team together and sign up.   We be a fun event with great food and prizes.