The Palmira Fall Tour is a fun and competitive league for anyone in Northwest Indiana looking to play golf on Monday evenings in the fall. For more information on the format, please read our Rules, Changes, and Schedule below.

Play and Scoring – 

  • Play will take place any time after 2pm on Monday afternoon.  If you know when you would like to play, please schedule a tee time so we can keep pace moving.  This is very important when the sun starts to go down earlier towards the end of the season.
  • Individual Play (your complete score counts, no teams in this league)
  • Must play with at least one other member of the tour each week
  • Handicap will be used.  All previous players of the tour with at least three rounds finished have an established handicap in our system.  New players will receive 80% of their score as a handicap until three rounds have been completed.  After you have completed three rounds your handicap will be established and adjusted weekly based on scoring.
  • Net score will be what counts each week (your final score minus your handicap)
  • Individuals will be ranked each week based on lowest score and points will be awarded depending upon where you finish in the rankings each week (points breakdown will be discussed below.)
  • Tee Boxes – Men will play from the white tees
    • Over the age of 68 you may play from the senior tees
    • Women play from the red tees.
  • Both Par 3’s will have Closest to the Pin Prizes
  • On Par 3’s with water, there will be drop areas marked by a stake or paint.
  • Lift, Clean, and place in all areas of the course for the entire season.  Sand traps are rake and place, unless marked ground under repair or no rake is in the area.  If this is the case, take the closest point of relief no closer to the hole.
  • Leaf rule will come into play during the season when leaves start falling.  Pace of play is very important, so keep moving!
  • Inclement weather updates will be posted on the website each Monday afternoon as well as an email sent out. Fall weather can be unpredictable. Final decisions will be made by the Rules and Weather committee by 1:00pm each Monday when necessary.  If we are permitted to be on the course, we will be playing. It’s a short league, so canceling events is something we would like to avoid. It’s going to be cold at some point, and probably wet, dress for the weather. If we can swing a club safely and use the cart path, we will be playing!
  • Again, you must play with at least one other person that is in the league for your score to be legit.  We are here to keep things honest.  If you can not find someone to play with, come to the course and the starter will help you find a group to play with.

Other Info –

  • Greens fees are $20, paid in the clubhouse before your round each week.
  • League fees are due Monday September 11th. This is a one time fee at the beginning of the year and is used for the purchase of Closest to the Pin prizes each week as well as our end of the year Lunch that will be provided after you finish your round on the final day.   League fees this year will be $20.
  • Scorecards are due at the end of each round.  There will be a dropbox at the clubhouse for all of our scorecards, or you can find me somewhere around the clubhouse to turn in your scorecard and Prize Money.  Please make sure to have both First and Last Name for each player on your card, so there is no question on scoring.
  • Prize Money – Each week, $10 is due at the time of turning in your scorecard.  This $10 goes into our Prize Money for the end of the year prizes.  More on this will be explained below.

Fun Stuff – 

This year we are ranking based on Fedex Cups Points.  FedEx Cup points are given based on how you place in each round.  If you place 1st place in the weeks event with the lowest score you will receive the highest amount of FedEx Cup points. If you place last in that weeks event you will receive the lowest amount of FedEx Cup points, but you will still receive points.  Points breakdown is listed on the website.

  • Each week you will put in $10 for prize money.  This money will be put into the prize money each week.  At our end of the Tour Luncheon on Sunday October 29th, prizes will be given to every player that has played in at least 4 tour events this year.
  • All FedEx Cup points will be added to each individual each week and the player with the most points at the end of the year will have first selection of the prize pool provided at the luncheon.
    • Prizes range from Golf bags, clubs, rangefinders, chipping nets, walkers, golf gloves, golf balls, Night Glow balls, Poker Chips, etc.
    • There are prizes for everyone that has competed in at least 4 events throughout the year.  The more events you participate in the better your chances are of making it to the top and getting first pick of the prizes.
  • Weekly Scoring updates will be posted to the website by 12pm on Wednesday each week.

Monday Tee Times are after 2:00pm, Sunday October 29th Tee Times are after 10:00am.

  • Week 1 – September 11
  • Week 2 – September 18
  • Week 3 – September 25
  • Week 4 – October 2
  • Week 5 – October 9
  • Week 6 – October 16
  • Week 7 – October 23
  • Week 8 – October 29 (Sunday/Luncheon and Prizes after golf)

If you are interested in signing up, please contact Danno Lambert by emailing him at

Fair Scramble Results

18 teams played on Saturday August 19th

Results are flighted by taking the top 6 scores and any ties at the 6th spot.

Then the next score starts the next flight, again taking the next 6 scores and any ties at the 6th spot.

Ties are broken by scorecard playoff using the USGA method. You take the lowest back nine score. If the back nine is tied, you start with the lowest handicap hole and whichever team has the lowest score on that hole, it breaks the tie. If the tie is not broken, then you proceed to the next lowest handicap hole, continuing until the tie is broken.

Prizes are gift certificates that can be used for green fees, range, food, beverages, etc. at the golf course.

1st Flight

1st place          60        Team Kotas                 $58 each club credit

2nd place          61        Team Gunkel               $31 each club credit

2nd Flight

1st place          67        Team Johnson             $68 each club credit

2nd place          68        Team Lelm                  $36 each club credit

3rd Flight

1st place          72        Team Buttice              $48 each club credit

2nd place          75        Team Galambos          $26 each club credit

Skin Game

#6                    Team Daily Jr              $140 cash

#15                  Team Gunkel               $140 cash

CTP #18           Team Daily Jr  Dozen golf balls

Thank you to everyone who played, and we look forward to the next scramble.