In light of COVID-19, we are taking action to provide you with the safest environment possible at Palmira Golf Club.

These are the measures that we will be taking effective March 20th until further notice:

  • We will have a walk-up window open from 8am-5pm 7 days a week to purchase green fees, range baskets, etc.
  • To avoid interaction with people, we encourage golfers to either book and pay online or pay over the phone.
  • You can put a credit card on file to reduce handling of card.
  • There will be a hand sanitizing system available outside for personal use.
  • Carts are sanitized and disinfected after every round.
  • There will be a trash can placed by the carts and we are asking you to remove your own trash and throw it away to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our staff & golfers. We will continue to undertake the precautions and best practices recommended by public health experts. Click HERE​ for the CDC’s recommended steps to prevent illness.

We send our thoughts and prayers to all individuals and communities that have been impacted by the virus.

We are closely following the news & will take all recommended precautions during this time. We will keep you updated via email, our Facebook page, & our website as the situation evolves.



Starts Thursday November 28th until Sunday December 1st

Offers will be available online and in store


4 Rounds w/ cart:

Weekday: $110 (Regular $168)

Weekend: $150 (Regular $208)


10 Rounds w/ cart:

Weekday: $275 plus one (1) bonus round (Regular $440)

Weekend: $400 plus one (1) bonus round (Regular $520)



Range Membership: $350 (Regular $450)

Full Membership: $2100 (Regular $2200)

Weekday Membership: $1600 (Regular $1650)

Junior Membership: $600 (Regular $650)


Gift Cards:

Purchase a $50 gift card and receive an extra $10

Purchase a $100 gift card and receive an extra $25

Purchase a $250 gift card and receive an extra $75


Visit our online store or stop by in the proshop!

We will be open 8:00am-4:00pm

Starts Thursday November 28th until Sunday December 1st

We will be open 8:00am-4:00pm

Offers will be available online and in store


Here is a look at some of the great deals that will be available:

Purchase a $100 gift card and receive an extra $25

Get $100 off a Full Membership: $2100 (Regular $2200)

Buy 10 Rounds w/ cart and receive one bonus round (*weekday price: $275; weekend price: $400*)


Turkey Shoot is rescheduled for Saturday November 16th, due to the rain, snow and cold temperatures this week.

Format will be exactly the same, but the start time will be moved back to 10am.

Trick or Treat Scramble Results:

1stplace 1st flight: 62 Team Abraham $58 per player

2ndplace 1st flight: 62 Team Clup $32 per player


1stplace 2nd flight: 71 Team Castinao $58 per player

2ndplace 2nd flight: 72 Team Karras $32 per player


1stplace 3rd flight: 79 Team Long $15 per player


Ties broken by scorecard playoff using USGA method


Pay outs in the form of gift cards


Flights determined by top 6 teams and any ties at the 6th spot.


Trick or Treat  Scramble seven skins $37 each cash payout: 

VanBeek: Holes 7, 14, 15 $111

Castinao: Holes 2 and 5 $74

Abraham: Hole 17 $37

13  groups played


Thank you to everyone that played!


  • We cancelled the football scramble and incorporated that into the Halloween Scramble.  It will be a 4 person scramble with an extra ball rotating through the group on each hole.  Each group will have a scramble score and the special ball score.  Each hole one player will play the scramble ball and the special ball, the next hole the special ball will rotate to the next player.  You will have a score for both balls and there will be prizes for both.  If you lose the special ball ,your team will be out of that part of the game.

Big Cup Scramble Results:



1stplace 1stflight:   55 Team Zientara $68


2ndplace 1stflight:  56  Team Trabbic $37




1stplace 2ndflight:   61 Team Barenie $59


2ndplace 2ndflight:   62 Team Falloon $32




1stplace 3rdflight:   65 Team Abraham $59


2ndplace 3rdflight:   65 Team Chris Johnson $32




1stplace 4thflight:   67 Team Skertich $59


2ndplace 4thflight:   68 Team Edwards $32




1stplace 5thflight:   70  Team Oppenhuis $59


2ndplace 5thflight:  70 Team Gaines $32




1stplace 6thflight: Team Dina $30


Ties broken by scorecard playoff using USGA method, pay outs in the form of Gift Cards



Big Cup Scramble Skins: 4 skins $165 each


Hole 12:   3  Trabbic , Hole 9:   2  Zientara, Hole 16:   2 Ruvoli, Hole 17:  3   Abraham


Thank you all for playing it was a great event 34 groups played.



There was a problem with the event sign up forms on the website and it has been corrected.  So feel free to sign up online for events or call the proshop.