Fair Day Scramble Results 2022

Fair Day Scramble Results

11 teams played on Saturday August 20th.


Results are flighted by taking the top 6 scores and any ties at the 6th spot.

Then the next score starts the next flight, again taking the next 6 scores and any ties at the 6th spot.

Ties are broken by scorecard playoff using the USGA method. You take the lowest back nine score. If the back nine is tied, you start with the lowest handicap hole and whichever team has the lowest score on that hole, it breaks the tie. If the tie is not broken, then you proceed to the next lowest handicap hole, continuing until the tie is broken.

Prizes are gift certificates that can be used for green fees, range, food, beverages, etc. at the golf course.

1st Flight

1st place          62        Team Kotas                 $68 each club credit

2nd place          62        Team Kring                  $36 each club credit

2nd Flight

1st place          70        Team Soria                  $39 each club credit

2nd place          75        Team Whitescarver    $21 each club credit

Skin Game

#7 & #10         Team Kotas     $200 cash

Thank you to everyone who played, and we look forward to the next scramble.