Labor Day Scramble Results

Labor Day Scramble Results


49 teams played weather mid 70’s partly sunny breezy day


Results are flighted by taking the top 6 scores and any ties at the 6th spot.  Then the next score starts the next flight, again taking the next 6 scores and any ties at the 6th spot.


Ties are broken by scorecard playoff using the USGA method.


Prizes are gift certificates for the golf course.


1st Flight

1st place        56       Team Gustas                        $68 each player

2ndplace        59       Team Dejesus                      $37 each player


7 Teams in 1st Flight


2nd Flight

1st place        62       Team Torni                           $107 each player

2nd place       62       Team Abraham                   $58 each player


11 teams in 2nd Flight


3rd Flight

1st place        64       Team Meyers                      $68 each player

2nd place       64       Team Wright                       $37 each player


7 teams in 3rd Flight


4th Flight

1st place        66       Team Davis                          $59 each player

2nd place       66       Team Pelz                             $32 each player


6 teams in the 4th Flight


5th Flight                            

1st place        68       Team Lannon                      $88 each player

2nd place       68       Team Patrick Bishop          $47 each player


9 teams in 5th Flight


6th Flight

1st place        71       Team Luna                           $59 each player

2nd place       72       Team Bilek                           $32 each player


6 teams in 6th Flight


7th Flight

1st place        82       Team Meneses                   $30 each player


2 teams in the 7th Flight


Note: One Team did not post a score





4 skins 2 on Hole 1 Teams Collins $225, 3 on Hole 8 Team Abraham $225, 2 on Hole 11 Team Gustas $225, 3 on Hole 17 Team Torni $225