Trick or Treat Scramble Results 2019

Trick or Treat Scramble Results:

1stplace 1st flight: 62 Team Abraham $58 per player

2ndplace 1st flight: 62 Team Clup $32 per player


1stplace 2nd flight: 71 Team Castinao $58 per player

2ndplace 2nd flight: 72 Team Karras $32 per player


1stplace 3rd flight: 79 Team Long $15 per player


Ties broken by scorecard playoff using USGA method


Pay outs in the form of gift cards


Flights determined by top 6 teams and any ties at the 6th spot.


Trick or Treat  Scramble seven skins $37 each cash payout: 

VanBeek: Holes 7, 14, 15 $111

Castinao: Holes 2 and 5 $74

Abraham: Hole 17 $37

13  groups played


Thank you to everyone that played!