Turkey Shoot is rescheduled for Saturday November 16th, due to the rain, snow and cold temperatures this week.

Format will be exactly the same, but the start time will be moved back to 10am.

Trick or Treat Scramble Results:

1stplace 1st flight: 62 Team Abraham $58 per player

2ndplace 1st flight: 62 Team Clup $32 per player


1stplace 2nd flight: 71 Team Castinao $58 per player

2ndplace 2nd flight: 72 Team Karras $32 per player


1stplace 3rd flight: 79 Team Long $15 per player


Ties broken by scorecard playoff using USGA method


Pay outs in the form of gift cards


Flights determined by top 6 teams and any ties at the 6th spot.


Trick or Treat  Scramble seven skins $37 each cash payout: 

VanBeek: Holes 7, 14, 15 $111

Castinao: Holes 2 and 5 $74

Abraham: Hole 17 $37

13  groups played


Thank you to everyone that played!